MLB rumors: Cubs still have moves to make before trade deadline

The Cubs made baseball’s first big trade of July, acquiring starting pitcher Jose Quintana from the White Sox at the All-Star break.

The reigning World Series champs pretty clearly aren’t done, though. Remember, unlike many teams considered Series contenders looking for trade upgrades (hi, Astros!), the Cubs aren’t locked into a playoff spot. They still have to make the postseason, though it’s worth noting that they were 5.5 games behind the Brewers in the NL Central when they made the trade with the White Sox, and now they’re only 1.5 back in the division.

The Cubs have been connected to most other names on the trade market, including big-ticket items like the A’s Sonny Gray — like Quintana, an outstanding young starter with years of club control remaining.

They might not get Gray (OK, they probably won’t get him, not with other very motivated teams in that chase), but the Cubs still have needs. Let’s take a look at their options.

Yes, even the authors — including the renowned CTE expert Dr. Ann McKee, who is quoted in the Times article — acknowledge that the study itself is bound by the fact that these were brains donated by players and families that saw the symptoms already.

Even factoring that in, any football player, no matter when he (or, increasingly, she) started playing, who dodges this particular cognitive bullet is beating astronomical odds.

Everybody who trivializes the advance of science on this subject as some kind of vindictive, self-serving “war on football” — and you know who you are — is playing a dangerous game about a dangerous game.

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