That’s without mentioning rookie Ben Simmons

Let’s be clear about this. Any move the Cavs make happens with the Warriors in mind. Despite the Celtics adding Gordon Hayward in free agency, the Cavs are still kings of the Eastern Conference until LeBron says otherwise. So the real question is: Does signing Rose close the gap on Golden State?

No, it doesn’t. While Rose showed signs of his former self last season, his style of play doesn’t improve Cleveland’s chances to win a title — in fact, it hurts the Cavs in that specific matchup.

Similarly, Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown visited Bleacher Report offices to voice his animated self in the weekly, NFL-themed “Gridiron Heights” series.

Because Turner doesn’t have NFL rights, Bleacher Report decided to create “recurring, episodic-type content,” Yanarella said. The weekly, animated series appears every Tuesday.

“Doing that through a 60-second, fun, cartoon animation that spoke about the topical narratives of the league was a great way to connect with our audience,” he said.

The best thing about animation, Yanarella said, is that there’s not much competition in the sports media world.

“We see animation as a great white space in the market that really allows us to speak quickly and culturally about sports — and connect with our audience in an episodic way through their phones.”

The Sixers will continue to build around potential superstar Joel Embiid, and Nerlens Raiders Cheap Jerseys Noel, Ersan Ilyasova and Dario Saric all stepped up when Okafor missed significant time in January with a knee injury. That’s without mentioning rookie Ben Simmons, who could make his debut after the All-Star break.

The simplicity of his assessment of the National League’s best team subtly reflects Texans Cheap Jerseys both the plain strengths of the Dodgers and the perspective on his vocation that 15 years in the league has given Utley.

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