Having a top-tier bullpen is the one similarity the Cubs and Indians shared in the 2016 playoffs

The reason for the sudden shift from value in rental bats to quality relievers in the baseball US Cheap Jerseys Club trade economy shouldn’t be too surprising: Front offices have realized that great relief pitching is a big key to winning in the postseason.

Winning in the postseason is generally a bit of a crapshoot: the very best team in the regular season rarely makes it all the way through to the postseason. The 2001 Mariners — widely considered to be one of the best teams of all time — were knocked out in the first round of the playoffs. The Cubs, the consensus best team in baseball, still had only a 26 percent chance of winning the World Series at the end of the regular season, per 538’s playoff predictions. The AL Champion Indians had a 9 percent chance.

Having a top-tier bullpen is the one similarity the Cubs and Indians shared in the 2016 playoffs: top-tier bullpens that had been bolstered by acquiring expensive relief pitchers at the deadline.

But, if you’re league commissioner Adam Silver, or any of the league’s broadcast partners, news of Irving’s desire for a trade puts a smile on your face heading into the weekend. Should the Cavs honor Irving’s trade request — and his value will be diminished now that news of the request has gone public — they will surely not Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping receive top-line value in return. There’s little chance that, talent-wise, the Cavaliers will emerge from this debacle as strong as they were last year.

Given James’ frustration with Gilbert already, and the increasingly yapped-over possibility he will bolt as a free agent next summer, the Cavaliers have gone from powerhouse of the East to powder keg of the East.

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