Phil Kessel and his hot dogs deserve your respect

In 1608, a play staged in Cambridge, Christmas Prince, introduced the phrase “Hee laugheth best that laugheth to the end,” which later became, “He who laughs last laughs longest.”

And if you’re keeping score at home when it comes to laughs in the hockey world, Phil Kessel is most certainly laughing last, and laughing best. And it’s high time people stop laughing at Kessel altogether, for the 29-year-old forward is not only deserving of respect, but has consistently shown he will humiliate all who disrespect him.

“I guess you have to respect your employers, your owner’s decision. But … it just seems unfortunate that when the players voice it’s something that they think is beneficial not only for them, but for the league and for our game as a whole, it automatically turns into a negotiation,” Toews said, via the Chicago Tribune. “It just seems like it comes down to what can they get out of us when the next CBA negotiation rolls around. It’s not about the long-term goals of our game and growing it and the bigger picture.”

Connor McDavid, the Oilers wunderkind who was primed to star in his first Olympics for Team Canada in 2018, called the decision “disappointing” since the Olympics were “something I looked forward to as a kid.” But asked if he would play anyway, he said bluntly, “I’m in no position to make a statement like that.”

The issue of individual participation is far from settled. reported NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has instructed team officials to refrain from commenting publicly on the matter until Cheap MLB Jerseys From China the league reaches a consensus ruling.

To that end, NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly admitted last month Wholesale Jerseys Paypal he would be “surprised if we allowed it to be club-by-club issue at this point.”

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