The Cavaliers are a favorite against 29 out of 30 teams in the league.

The next move is where it gets complicated. The easy suggestion is to move Terry Rozier in a trade that brings back nothing, aka a salary dump. But even that doesn’t clear enough space. Same with trading Demetrius Jackson. Either of those moves would leave the Celtics still short of max space for Hayward.

So, that brings us to the tough decision. Most likely, both to clear space and return an asset or two, Boston will have to move on from one of their bulldogs: Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder or Marcus Smart. All three have become beloved in Boston for their defense, work ethic and hard-nosed attitude. Each embodies what Celtics fans love most in players. That makes it hard to envision trading any of them, but once again it is a necessary evil. You have to give to get. If it softens the blow any, think of it as trading one of these three for Hayward and whatever they get in return for Bradley, Crowder or Smart.

The Cavaliers are a favorite against 29 out of 30 teams in the league. Kyrie Irving is only getting better, and Kevin Love is a great, versatile option to have at power forward.

It might take an injury bug or a bit of luck to best the Warriors again in the Finals, but that’s better than doing it in the Western Conference Finals.

A lot can happen over the next calendar year, but if the Cavaliers run into the Warriors again without putting up any resistance, James may seek out greener pastures.

Teams can find a way to open up cap space and sign James outright. Even if he considers Los Angeles, the Lakers can build a team around him with a co-star like Paul George and/or any number of other marquee players on the market.

The East won’t be enough to hold James down in Cleveland after a while. He won’t lock himself into a situation where he can’t compete — just ask the Heat. James will do what’s best Cheap NFL Jerseys Usa for him next Cheap New Zealand Warriors Jerseys summer, and that might be walking away from home for a second time.

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