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1 thing new NFL fans should know about all 32 teams

So you’ve decided to become an NFL fan, but you don’t know where to begin. Don’t let the number of teams, all with their own rich history, overwhelm you. You only need to know one thing about each team before making a serious (or perhaps just a casual) commitment to one of them.

Many factors go into picking an NFL team to follow. Some people have a favorite player, and some just love the uniforms. Others choose a team based on geographic proximity or the quality of play.

This is important for the offense because a) it defines the mismatches, and b) it eliminates a wide range of pressure options. If you’re in man-to-man coverage, it’s hard to bring pressure unless you play zero coverage, with no safety in the middle of the field. So there are actually simple giveaways to the coverages if you look closely enough. These giveaways are all in the formations and motions.

But at the same time, I don’t want that line to slide to me. By doing that, I really have to show a different stagger (stance) every time. I show four or five different stances of me coming, me not coming. I’m going to be in there, I’m not going to be in there, because I like to make some plays, some sacks now. I finally got my first couple.

The biggest surprise for the Texans was simply that head coach Bill O’Brien put Deshaun Watson in the game at all. Yes, the Texans’ offense was struggling and Tom Savage was unable to elude the pressure the Jaguars were bringing, but O’Brien spent all offseason and Cheap Jerseys America training camp saying Savage was the Texans’ starting quarterback and that Watson needed more time to develop. It will be telling Cheap Hockey Jerseys to see who O’Brien names his starter for Thursday night.

Steelers dominate Dolphins, set sights on Chiefs in divisional round

The Steelers and Dolphins these days barely resemble what they were back in Week 6, when Miami dominated Pittsburgh at home in the regular season.

Sunday’s wild-card playoff matchup featured a different venue with evolved teams and much higher stakes… and the opposite result. The Steelers took care of the Dolphins relatively easily, 30-12.

Pittsburgh entered the game a 10-point favorite, a spread SN’s Vinnie Iyer figured the Steelers would cover, and they did. SN’s David Steele agreed and predicted a Pittsburgh win, though not as convincing a win as that of Iyer’s pick.

Pittsburgh with its win will face Kansas City in the divisional round. Houston will travel to New England.

We know Brady, Roethlisberger and Rodgers are up to the challenge. Ryan has to prove he’s ready now, having fallen short in a 2012 home loss to the 49ers in which he committed two costly turnovers. This time he’ll have to out-play the hottest quarterback in the league.

I’ve always believed conference championship games are the toughest to win. My Vikings and Titans teams went to six conference title games and lost four times. Those defeats were the most agonizing of my NFL management career, especially the Vikingsovertime loss to the Falcons that ended our 15-1 season in 1998, which had earned us the NFCs top seed.

Losing in two Super Bowls was easier. At least we got to the big game.

The four remaining teams will have up to eight staff members in Houston this week to Cheap Ireland Rugby Jerseys prepare for their possible Super Bowl trips. Theyll check out hotels, meeting rooms, practice Cheap Jerseys America facilities and computer hook-ups, and theyll work on their ticket allocations and distribution plan.

9 of Leonard Fournette’s most brutal truck stick hits at LSU

Raise your hand if Jacksonville Jaguars NFL draft pick Leonard Fournette personally victimized you or someone on a defense you love. Now look around the room and find comfort in the fact that you’re not alone.

As that Louisiana freight train barreled through the South over the last three years, he took the souls of bold defensive players who dared stand between him and green grass. Let us walk through memory lane and view the destruction Fournette left in his wake after three seasons of college football.

The league responded by asking all broadcast partners (of which CBS is one) to not tip picks in 2015. A letter read, in part:

As network partners of the NFL, we encourage and appreciate your coverage of the Draft in Chicago this year and ask for your cooperation with this approach. Please have your reporters and other personnel refrain from revealing picks on social media or other platforms before they are announced in the Draft broadcasts.
La Canfora joined a live show done by CBS, and was in a less tweetable position while the draft was actually going on.

However, any reporters who aren’t bound by those restrictions might still do it.

And that falls to local beat writers more than national guys. Armando Salguero is a local voice at the Miami Herald who will Cheap Jerseys America give you news in advance if you want it, for example.

Before you watch them (and, oh, you’re about to watch them down below), listen Fournette talk about Cheap Basketball Jerseys what the truck stick means to him.