NFL Playoffs: Packers-Cowboys thriller sets TV ratings record for divisional round

When the Packers beat the Cowboys, 34-31, in their NFC playoff game Sunday, they weren’t the only big winners.

The NFL is also celebrating the game’s overnight TV ratings, which Cheap Girls Softball Jerseys revealed the matchup attracted the most viewers of any divisional playoff game in history.

According to Fox Sports, an average of 48.5 million viewers watched the game, making it the most-viewed broadcast of any kind since last year’s Super Bowl.

You couldn’t blame Rodgers. He was in the middle of a monster half (15 of 24, 191 yards, TD), facing zero pressure from the Cowboys, inside or outside of the pocket. With his playoff beard in full swing at the site of where he won Super Bowl XLV MVP honors, he just might have been a little too R-E-L-A-X-ed.

Rodgers helped the Packers finish that drive with another score to make 21-3, before the Cowboys came back with a quick TD strike from Dak Prescott to Dez Bryant.

Let’s remember that is the same Rodgers who didn’t even freak out when his stuff was on fire or that other time he shattered his living room window with a golf club trying to kill a bug. It’s almost like he should be pushing insurance or something.

When asked why he didn’t place Sherman on the injury report, Carroll said, I don’t know. I’m feeling like I screwed that up with not telling you that because that happened, but he was OK. So I don’t know.

He never missed anything, which is probably why.

Carroll says he never missed anything, but Sherman missed plenty of practices Cheap Heat Jerseys late in the season, and the team listed the reasoning as not injury related.

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